Armco Barrier Posts

Z-type Leg for barriers

Armco Posts

Armco safety barriers are supported by sturdy steel posts that secure your Armco barrier system to the ground, providing optimal stability and durability.

Our Armco bolt-down posts and cast-in posts are made in our UK manufacturing facilities using premium galvanized steel that’s resistant to all weather conditions and certified to BS 4872 standards. We also offer powder-coated finishes in various colours, to enhance the visibility of your safety barrier.

By choosing the correct Armco barrier posts for your crash barriers and strategically placing them in key areas, you can provide protection for your employees, customers, and buildings from collisions, accidents and ram-raid attacks.

Bolt Down posts or Cast In posts?

There are two main types of Armco barrier posts: Bolt Down Posts, or Cast In Posts (also known as Dig In Posts). The big difference between the two is how they’re fixed to the ground.

As their name suggests, Bolt Down posts are ‘bolted’ to the floor with steel anchor bolts. They’re easy to install and available in various sizes and dimensions. Crucially, however, Bolt Down posts can only be placed in locations with hard concrete or impenetrable ground surface.

Cast In posts, on the other hand, must be installed on penetrable surfaces like grass or wet cement. If you are able to plan your safety barriers ahead of time, Cast In posts provide robust support for your Armco crash barriers.

Styles of Armco barrier posts

Armco post

Once you’ve decided whether Bolt Down posts or Cast In posts are the right fit for your chosen surface, you’ll need to choose your Armco barrier post style:

Z Posts – Z posts are the lighter (and more affordable) style of Armco barrier posts. These posts are bent in a ‘Z’ shape, providing support for your Armco safety barriers. They’re best installed in low risk areas like loading bays and outside property.

RSJ posts – RSJ posts are the more substantial posts and provide robust support for Armco barriers. They’re designed to withstand significant force and extreme weather conditions, making them ideally suited for busy or high-risk areas.


Armco Barrier Posts Features

  • Made with galvanised steel, certified to BS EN1461.
  • Available in two finishes: galvanised steel and polyester powder coated.
  • Made by expert welders in our UK manufacturing facilities.
  • 85 year lifetime guarantee.


Benefits of using Armco safety barriers

Armco barriers are an effective solution for ensuring the safety of pedestrians and property – protecting against collisions, accidents and ram raid attacks.

The corrugated steel beams of an Armco barrier are designed to bend and flatten upon impact, absorbing the force of the blow. Meanwhile, the Armco barrier posts secure the steel beam in place, bearing the weight of the crash and helping to prevent vehicle-related accidents and injuries.

Our Armco barrier posts are made from highly durable galvanized steel for a weather-resistant safety barrier that requires no maintenance. In fact, we’re so sure of the quality of our Armco barriers, that we offer a lifetime guarantee of 85 years.


FAQs about Armco Barrier Posts

Do you install bolt-down posts?

Yes! We can install both bolt-down posts and cast-in posts as part of our Armco barrier installation service.

What finish should I choose for my Armco barrier posts?

The standard finish for Armco barrier posts is galvanised steel. However, we can also supply your Armco barrier posts in a polyester powder coated finish, available in a range of colours. This is a great choice if you’d like to make your Armco safety barriers highly visible, for instance in a car park or to direct traffic away from an area.

The powdered coating is as equally durable as the galvanised finish, so you can rest easy knowing your Armco barriers are protected against the elements.

Are your Armco barrier posts safety checked?

Yes. Our Armco barrier posts are all designed and manufactured to the following standards:

We only work with the best steel suppliers and most experienced welders, to ensure your Armco safety barriers are of the highest quality and adhere to all safety regulations.


Order your Armco Barrier Posts from CT Safety Barriers

For over a decade, CT Safety Barriers has been a leading provider of Armco safety barriers in the UK. We supply expertly designed and manufactured Armco barriers that ensure the safety of both people and property.

As an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, we understand the critical role Armco barriers play in securing the safety of your clients, employees and buildings. We use only the best quality steel to produce our Armco barriers and posts – which are manufactured right here in the UK, in our own Yorkshire-based facilities.

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