Safety Barriers

Our crash barriers are designed to ensure the safety of both people and valuable property. Our off-road barriers are the ideal solution for protecting staff, buildings and vehicles. We manufacture a whole host of barrier products and offer installation services to ensure they’re installed properly. We pride ourselves on being one of the few Armco Barrier suppliers in the UK. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when choosing CT Safety Barriers:

  • ETA approved Floor Anchors
  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • 85 Year lifetime guarantee
  • 100% recyclable steel
  • 48-hour nationwide delivery
  • Regulation sized
  • Low price guaranteed
  • Powder coating service

    What Is A Crash Barrier System?

    A crasj barrier system consists of two component types, the untensioned corrugated ail and the fixing post that holds the rail in place. Safety barriers work by absorbing the impact of a crash – usually involving a vehicle.

    Referred to as an untensioned corrugated beam, the safety barrier is developed in a ‘W’ shape. It’s this bending shape that allows for impact by slower-moving objects such as cars or bikes. Because the metal of the barrier is bent one way, it’s very hard to bend it the other way, and can therefore withstand more impact energy.

    The ‘W’ shaped metal rail is then held in place using a number of vertical posts and help to absorb the impact from behind the strip.

    Armco barrier at Crossrails Depot
    • Armco protection for building
    • Armco barrier around post
    • Train depot Armco
    • Safety barrier in industrial setting
    • Armco barriers fitted for client
    • Armco barriers installation example

    Our simple Armco barrier installation is the ideal solution for protecting large ‘offroad’ sites such as warehouses and service yards.

    The versatility of Armco barriers means their length and corners can be tailored to the application. This makes them suitable for securing car parks, warehouses, factories and industrial plants.

    In fact, they are the ideal choice for any setting where there is a risk of low speed low impact collisions between vehicles, machinery and people. Armco crash barriers protect customers and staff, vehicles, machinery, and buildings inside and out.

    Why Choose CT Safety For Your Off-Road Barriers?

    Are you looking for crash barriers in the UK? A leading figure in the industry, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing off-road barriers in the UK for over a decade. Using our own production and manufacturing facilities means our barriers are manufactured with military precision. They are then delivered efficiently thanks to our extremely quick turnaround times.

    Other benefits of our safety barriers include:

    • Materials held in stock make for faster lead times
    • Exceptional customer service through ISO 9001 certification
    • Superior product thanks to qualified welders covering a range of specifications, materials, diameters, and thicknesses and certified to BS 4872
    • Strong working relationships with leading steel suppliers across the UK means we get materials at the lowest prices, which we pass on to you, our customers.
    • No one size fits all client, no forcing of off the shelf products. We have the flexibility to manufacture tailor made crash barriers to meet the demands of any client.
    • No-nonsense installation – we manufactured the product and know it inside out so who better to fit it?
    • Competitive vehicle crash barrier prices
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    Building Your Safety Barrier System

    The flexibility of a crash barrier system means their applications are infinite with no two scenarios the same. Our design engineers will work with you to discuss dimensions and create a bespoke solution that perfectly fits your needs. What’s more, we will explain the key off-road barrier components you’ll likely require, as well as making you aware of some optional considerations below:

    Armco Corrugated Beam

    The mainstay of any Barrier system, the corrugated rail is what does the protection by taking the impact of any object coming into contact with it. Designed to absorb and cushion the impact, the barrier 'sacrifices' itself so that the object impacting it and the object it is designed to protect remains unscathed. Our rails are available in 3mm thick 1.9m and 3.5m effective lengths.
    • Crash Barrier Heights
      These standard easy-fit rails offer reliable protection for a wide range of applications.
    • Train depot Armco
      These double height rails give you maximum crash protection for more bespoke applications.
    • curved armco rail
      Curved rails provide protection in a wide range of settings with bespoke perimeter dimensions.

    Post Types

    We offer a wide selection of posts to suit your bespoke requirements. The purpose of these posts is to anchor your barrier system to the ground and give it optimal stability and strength. Our range of posts include bolt on options suitable for fixing to concrete and indoor flooring and dig in posts, for outdoor settings.
    • RSJ cast in Armco post
      RSJ cast in posts are fitted in the ground. They offer the ultimate robustness Ideal for high-risk areas.
    • RSJ bolted down Armco post
      RSJ bolt down posts are super robust and designed to be fitted to concrete and flooring indoor or out.
    • Z style cast in Armco post
      Dig in Z type posts are more suitable for lower risk outdoor settings such as external loading bays.
    • Z style bolted down Armco post
      Bolt down Z posts are designed for low risk, low risk settings inside and outside of your property.
    Good To Know

    All of our Safety Barriers and posts are designed and manufactured to the following standards:

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    Armco Accessories

    Terminal Ends

    Terminal ends connect to the end of a crash barrier to shield the sharp edges of rails and minimise damage in the event of a collision. We produce various solutions including traditional fishtail ends as well as polymer type fishtails. If required handrail extensions can also be fitted to create a safe walkway.
    • Fishtail End Armco
      These strong and highly visible terminal ends are the most popular solution for covering raw ends of barrier rails.
    • Pedestrian End
      This option is perfect for shielding pedestrians from rail edges on walkways and in car parks.
    • Pedestrian Ends for Armco
      This polymer finished terminal end offers a high visibility, ultra-safe solution for protecting pedestrians.

    Corner Sections

    Barrier corners and flexible corners are used to change the direction of any barrier. This is often an essential component for safeguarding people and property in all corners of your premises, regardless of its dimensions.
    • 90 Degree Internal Corner for Armco crash barrier
      These internal or external corner components are designed to fit to barriers in the corner of premises.
    • 90 Degree External Corner
      These are the ideal solution for changing the course of your crash barrier system to meet bespoke requirements.
    • flexible Armco corner
      These malleable components can be carefully bent on application to meet any bespoke angle requirements.

    Crash Barrier Safety Features

    • Galvanised Finish
      Galvanised steel Armco barrier

      Engineered from high quality Grade S275 steel, our polymer safety barriers are galvanised in molten zinc to BS EN ISO 1461:2009. This greatly increases their life expectancy by lowering their susceptibility to damage and corrosion. Durability is critical given the harsh environments the barriers are likely to be subjected to. Our barriers last longer and require less maintenance, which provides a high value and long-lasting solution.

    • Pre-Stamped Holes
      Pre-stamped holes in Armco barriers

      Our barrier components are pre-stamped with the correctly positioned holes to ensure that the barrier system can be easily constructed. Should the barriers need to be replaced, the interchangeable nature of the design means any part can easily be exchanged and remounted. This simple and easy construction process means that our barriers are the ideal solution. They can be quickly fitted to provide high levels of protection for vast areas.

    • Powder Coating
      Powder coated Armco Barrier

      In addition to the standard galvanised finish, we also offer steel barrier and posts with a polyester powder coated finish in a range of colours. Adding a powder coated finish to the barriers can make you more visible, further enhancing its effectiveness for deterring collisions. You can also request this feature in order to make your barriers more in keeping with its surroundings or your brand colours.

    We came to CT Safety Barriers with a very limited knowledge of safety barriers. The team are very knowledgeable and spent the time to really listen to my requirements in order to work out exactly what we needed. Once we had ordered the barriers, they arrived onsite very quickly as promised. We would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    Nick - G&O Fencing
    Armco Case Studies
    • Crossrail Depot, London
      Armco barrier at Crossrails Depot

      CT Safety Barriers were awarded the contract to install various safety protection equipment at the new Crossrail Depot in White City, London.

      Crossrail Depot London Project
    • Knostrop STW, Leeds
      Knostrop Armco barrier case study

      CT Safety Barriers were asked to install Armco barriers and other protection products at the Sludge Treatment Facility in Knostrop, Leeds.

      Knostrop STW Leeds Project
    • Cooperative, Motherwell
      Cooperative Motherwell crash barriers

      CT Safety Barriers Ltd was asked to design, manufacture and install steel safety products at the cooperative distribution centre in Motherwell.

      Cooperative Motherwell Project