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Fill out the simple form below to help you work out your Armco Barrier Requirements. If you need any assistance or have any questions just give us a call!
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Fill out the simple form below to help you work out your Armco Barrier Requirements. If you need any assistance or have any questions just give us a call! The below outlines the estimated amount of parts required for the details your entered. For a more accurate quotation please get in contact with us.
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This user-friendly Armco barrier calculator can help plan your Armco barrier project more efficiently. If you need assistance or have any questions, please call 01977 666 818 – we’ll be happy to help.

How to use the calculator:


  1. Enter Barrier Length: Input the total length of your required Armco barrier in metres in the left-hand column.
  2. Customisation Options: Tailor your barrier configuration by selecting the required type of Armco beams, posts, legs, end terminals, etc.
  3. Generate Results: Once you’ve provided the information, the Estimated Products column will display the breakdown of the required quantities for each component.
  4. Submit Your Estimate: Use the form on the right to submit the information to our team. We’ll contact you directly to discuss the next steps of your Armco barrier order.


About our Armco Barrier components


  • Barrier Length: Submit your required Armco barrier length in metres.


  • Post Types: RSJ Posts are our best option for heavy traffic areas, offering strong protection against impacts. Z Posts are lighter and designed to reduce damage from vehicle collisions in areas with lower traffic. Read more in our Guide to Armco Barrier Posts.


  • Leg Type: Dig-In Posts work well for softer ground where bolting isn’t practical. Bolt Down Posts are better for concrete installations, providing a sturdy system without the need to dig holes. Learn more in our Guide to Bolting Armco Posts.


  • Post Centres: Post Centres support the length of your barrier beams. Please select the required height for your barriers.


  • Ends: Brightly coloured Plastic End Caps can improve the visibility of your barrier. Fish Tail Ends are typically used for barriers in areas with high levels of traffic. Pedestrian Safety Ends have smooth edges and are usually used to improve safety around doorways, entrances, and areas with more foot traffic. Learn more in our Guide to Armco Barrier End Caps.


  • # of Corners: Barrier corner pieces are available in two main types: 90-degree angles and custom-made corner angles. The corner pieces are available as both internal and external barrier components, depending on the specific needs of your barrier system.


  • Beams Type: The key part of any Armco Barrier system is the corrugated beams, which absorb the impact during collisions. These durable beams are made from mild steel to BS EN 1461 standards and are offered in single or double-rail options.


Armco Barrier Installation

CT Safety also offers installation services for all our Armco barrier solutions. Our skilled installation engineers can ensure a swift and professional setup of your barrier system, tailored to your timeframe.

Get in touch today to discuss your project requirements.