A Complete Guide to Armco Barrier Posts

Posted on November 30, 2022 by Chris Caunce

Safety barrier in industrial setting

Armco Barrier Posts are used at a variety of locations to help secure barriers in place, preventing vehicle-related accidents and injuries in the workplace and in public settings.

At CT Safety Barriers, we use the highest quality galvanised steel to construct our Armco Barriers, offering an installation service to any off-road facility. We pride ourselves on being experts for all things Armco, stocking barrier posts to suit every need.

All of our Armco Barrier posts are designed and manufactured to the following standards.

  • BS 6180
  • BS EN10025
  • BS EN1461
  • BS 6399


Types of Armco Posts

Designed with constructional integrity in mind, Armco Barrier posts can be used to support Armco barriers in many situations.

Depending on the surface you require posts to be fitted, we can manufacture and supply the needs for both concrete and non-penetrable surface types.

If you’re fitting posts to a concrete or non-penetrable surface, our bolt surface mounted bolt in posts are the perfect choice. Available in various sizes and dimensions to suit every need, they’re also easy to install should you not require our help. Our range of surface mount Armco posts are a great choice to support your Armco barriers.

If you’re able to fit your posts into a penetrable surface, such as wet cement or soft ground, our cast in barrier posts are the best choice to support your vehicle crash barriers.

Both of our barrier post types are available in the:

  • Z post style – Z posts are a lighter, more affordable option.
  • RSJ posts – RSJ posts are heavy duty posts that are designed to withstand force and extreme weathers.

Whichever Armco barrier post you require, our collection of Armco Barrier products will include your perfect post!


Calculate the Cost With Our Armco Calculator

Calculating the cost of your barrier post needs has never been easier thanks to our Armco calculator! Simply input your barrier post requirements and one of our team will swiftly get back to you with a generated quote and any necessary recommendations.

Alternatively, you can call our team on 01977 666818 for a free quote and to discuss your Armco barrier post foundation details further.

Get in touch today with CT Safety Barriers, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of all things Armco.