Everything You Need To Know About Bolting Armco Posts

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The correct installation of an Armco crash barrier is essential in helping protect people and property from the damage caused by out-of-control vehicles.

Crafted from galvanised steel, these sturdy ‘W’-shaped crash barriers can be found everywhere – from motorways and car parks, to warehouses and walkways. They are usually installed by one of two methods: bolting down or digging in.

Your Armco crash barriers are only as strong as your barrier posts, so it’s important to consider factors like location and risk level when considering installation.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about bolting Armco barriers and how to do so safely.

What is a Bolt Down Armco barrier post?

A Bolt Down Armco barrier post is a type of crash barrier post that’s installed by bolting a base plate into a pre-existing hard, concrete surface.

Bolt down Armco barrier posts is available in a variety of heights and two differently shaped styles: Z posts and RSJ posts. The style and height of the barrier post you choose will depend on the specific application and location of your Armco crash barriers.

For instance, Z posts are more lightweight, which makes them better suited to low-risk areas. If the ground is soft – for instance, grass – you must not use the bolt-down method. Instead, you should directly concrete the barrier post into the ground using the dig-in method.

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What surfaces can you bolt down Armco barriers?

Concrete is the best surface for installing bolt-down Armco posts – everything else is too soft to guarantee your barriers will withstand the heavy impact of a crashing vehicle.

Don’t attempt to bolt down your Armco posts on the tarmac, as it’s weaker than it looks and could easily be torn apart by a strong force. It’s also likely to soften and melt in hot weather, making it even more vulnerable.

If the chosen location for your Armco posts doesn’t have a thick concrete foundation, we recommend using the dig-in method instead.


How to install a Bolt Down Armco barrier

The effectiveness of an Armco crash beam is only as good as the installation of the posts. If you don’t install a bolt-down Armco post correctly, it won’t provide the level of protection you need to safeguard people’s lives and property.

First, it’s important to ensure the concrete surface you’re installing your post on is thick enough to accommodate the base plate screws.

We recommend installing one end of your Armco barrier post first, then working your way down the beam – bolting down one post at a time.

All our crash barrier posts are delivered with pre-drilled holes that should line up perfectly with the equivalent drilled holes on each beam. Each beam requires at least three posts to support it, and corner sections will need at least two posts to support them. The more posts you install per beam, the more secure your barrier will be.

CT Safety Barriers also provide installation services, so if this all sounds confusing – get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help you install your bolt-down Armco barriers for you.

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