Armco Barrier Terminal Ends & End Caps

Posted on September 23, 2022 by Chris Caunce

Everything You Need To Know About Terminal Ends and End Caps


Armco Safety Barriers are most commonly completed with some form of terminal end or end cap. Here at CT Safety barriers, we supply a variety of Armco barrier plastic stop end caps to suit all purposes and requirements.

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When it comes to barrier ends, the most common type of terminal ends cover that you will see time and time again for a safety barrier is the Fishtail end (Type A). However, if the ends need to be Pedestrian Friendly, Pedestrian Ends or Plastic Stop Ends can be fitted to the barrier.

All steel type terminal ends can be powder coated to any colour. At CT Safety Barriers Ltd we have now introduced a new range of Polymer safety barrier terminal ends.

We also now have Armco safety barrier ends as well as Polymer fishtail, Pedestrian ends and Plastic end caps for posts, these are available in both yellow or black.

Pedestrian Ends for Armco


What Type of Protective End Caps Do You Produce?

The complete list of Armco Barrier End caps we produce are highlighted below:

  • Fishtail End Caps
    • These are often referred to as Terminal Type A and are the cheapest and most common terminal end.
  • Polymer Fishtail End Caps
    • Made from plastic, this end drastically improves the visibility of the barrier.
  • Pedestrian End
    • These pedestrian ends protect any edges from being caught and can be effectively used to hole removable signs.
  • Polymer Pedestrian End
    • Made from plastic, but bright colours ensure visibility is improved when using this barrier end.
  • Plastic End Caps
    • Made from flexible PVC that provides a durable finish to your barrier that will protect the metalwork from Corrosion.
  • Polymer Armco Safety End
    • Made from high density polyethylene, this end is designed to add a protective cover over the edge of your armco barrier.
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Benefits of Armco Barrier End Caps

The primary benefits of Armco barrier end caps are that they protect the metalwork from corrosion and cover any sharp edges for the safety of pedestrians and employees. Importantly, they eliminate these sharp edges whilst maintaining the high level of protection that your Armco barrier system provides.

Brightly coloured terminal end caps also help aid visibility and improve overall pedestrian safety. Our installation of the barrier end caps is a very simple procedure that ensures your crash barrier ends are protected.