Protection Barriers For Buildings

Posted on September 28, 2022 by Chris Caunce

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Crash barrier protection for buildings is an essential consideration for all types of business premises. That is because, although unlikely, there’s still a risk of vehicles colliding with your building. Premium quality barriers, such as Armco crash barriers, can protect your business from the huge costs and disruption an accident of this type would cause.

Protect Buildings With Armco Barriers

The importance of building protection should never be overlooked. Buildings without the correct safety barriers in place risk the chance of immeasurable damage, should the worst happen. The greatest threats to buildings include:

  • Collisions from out-of-control cars
  • Accidents involving employee-driven vehicles on-site, such as forklift trucks and lorries
  • Ram raids attacks

The initial fees for your barrier installation, are nothing compared to the costs a crash could incur.

Armco protection barriers are made from galvanised steel and are designed to withstand the full force of all collisions. By absorbing the impact of a collision, these sturdy barriers ensure damage to your building is avoided or minimized.

We supply our Armco barriers to warehouses, construction sites, supermarkets, schools and a whole host of other buildings that could be threated by the risk of vehicle collisions. These barriers don’t need to be an eye sore either. The aesthetic of the barrier are designed to blend in seamlessly to the location they’re fitted in.

What’s more, our team will ensure the installation of the barriers is a quick and easy, causing minimal disruption for your business. The survey we complete on your building ahead of this determines how we can provide maximum protection for your premises.

What Types Of Building Protection Do You Supply?

At CT Safety Barriers, we offer Armco beams at competitive prices, available in a range of sizes and shapes to provide a tailored installation.

We manufacture and install protection with a bespoke fit to suit almost any environment. Made from sturdy stainless galvanised steel, we ensure your building is thoroughly protected.

Our protection barriers are supplied in the following sizes:

  • 560mm– Great for internal building protection with lower clearances. Suitable for warehouses or any buildings with operating forklifts.
  • 610mm– Excellent building protection for car parks or public places with regular traffic, such as schools or business delivery points.
  • 760mm– Most suited for areas with HGVs, lorries and tractors operating. They are geared towards to providing a higher level of building protection.
  • 1100mm– Providing extra protection against very sensitive areas, such as fuel tanks or livestock, where further damage is risked.

Follow our Armco Barrier Dimensions Guide for more information about our sizes.

We are ISO Certified, meaning we’re proven to provide all our customers with the very highest standard of quality in terms of product, service, efficiency, and safety.

On top of that, our safety barriers are made in Britain – produced in our purpose-built facility in the north of England. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about building protection barriers. With us, you’re in safe hands to ensure your building is fully protected  and at a competitive price,

Get in touch today with CT Safety Barriers, the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of Armco products.

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