Armco Barrier Dimensions Guide

Posted on June 22, 2022 by Chris Caunce

The dimensions of your Armco barrier will depend on the type of vehicles you have operating on your site. The size of the barrier required will be determined by the hazards that present the biggest risk to your staff and visitors.

Perhaps you are looking to safeguard staff in a manufacturing plant from collisions with a forklift truck? Or do you need to shield pedestrians from cars at the entrance to your headquarters?

Whatever the requirement there is a type of Armco suitable for the job. To speak to an expert about your requirements, simply contact our friendly team.

What are the different Armco barrier dimensions?

Armco barrier dimensions


Armco dimensions consist of the barrier post height and the length and depth of the barrier beam.

Armco beam dimensions

The beams of your barrier are the horizontal sections, which bear the brunt of a collision. These ultra-tough panels of steel are available in 3.5 metre lengths as standard.

Armco barrier depths

Each Armco panel is constructed from ultra-tough 3mm thick corrugated steel. This provides the ultimate protection as the panel is designed to absorb the impact of a crash.

Armco post heights

The required height of your Armco barriers will be dependent on the type of vehicle your staff and property require protection from. Larger barrier heights are more suitable for sites where there are HGVs operating, whilst the smaller size is more suited to areas where a forklift truck roves.

Our surface mounted posts are available in the following standard heights:

  • 560mm – ideal for internal protection in forklift truck areas.
  • 610mm – suitable for car park protection.
  • 760mm – geared towards areas where HGVs, lorries and tractors operate.
  • 1100mm – this double height Armco barrier is suited to internal areas where HGVs operate.

Why invest in Armco barriers?

As you are looking to learn more about Armco barrier dimensions, you’re clearly interested in the solution these innovative barriers provide.

Fitted in all manner of sites from bus depots and supermarket car parks to distribution centres and service yards, Armco offers unbeatable protection. It’s key benefits include:

  • A high level of shock absorption means barriers can withstand collisions with moving vehicles.
  • Armco is ideal for protecting both people and property from the threat of vehicles.
  • It can be made extra safe for pedestrians through the use of terminal ends, which cover the sharp edges of the steel.
  • Your Armco barrier can be adapted to the requirements of both internal and external sites with a range of post heights and corner panels.
  • Barrier posts can be bolted down or dug in, depending on the location. So you can be certain the barrier is reliable and secure.

Why choose CT Safety Barriers?

  • We offer a comprehensive range of Armco solutions.
  • Our business is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.
  • Our barriers are British made and constructed in our purpose-built facility.
  • They can be assembled and fitted by our expert team.

Contact us today for a quick quote on your Armco requirement or to get more guidance from our resident Armco experts.