The Complete Guide To Vehicle Crash Barriers

Posted on July 28, 2022 by Chris Caunce

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Vehicle crash barriers are vital for protecting people in a variety of off-road settings. Crashes, bumps, and scrapes are inevitable in vehicles of all kinds. That is why vehicle crash barrier installation is essential for all locations where vehicles operate close to pedestrians.

These settings include factories and warehouses with operational vehicles like forklifts or trucks. Vehicle safety is also imperative in public settings such as car parks and outside schools and hospitals.

We have written this complete guide to inform you about the benefits of installing Armco Barriers. It will take you through the various types of barriers and explain how you can improve vehicle crash safety in an environment you’re responsible for.

What are Armco vehicle barriers?

Armco barriers are the best solution when it comes to preventing and minimising damage from off-road vehicle collisions.

Made from galvanised corrugated steel, the beams consist of two component types – the untensioned corrugated rail and the fixing posts that hold the Armco rail in place.

Before the installation, we complete a full risk assessment to identify any potential risks and to ensure the necessary crash barriers are installed.

CT Safety has been installing safety barriers in the UK for years, and with our latest Armco barrier 50% lighter and 30% less costly, it makes choosing us to improve your vehicle safety an easy choice.

How do vehicle barriers work and how much do they cost?

Vehicle barriers can be used in various scenarios to protect against damage to the property and the person involved in the crash.

Armco vehicle crash barriers are designed to absorb the impact of collisions, minimising the damage to what they are protecting and reducing the likelihood of injury for the driver.

The cost to fit Armco barriers can vary, largely because of the fluctuating cost of materials over the last few years. That being said, the cost you can save by preventing damage costs to vehicles, buildings, people, and products can be immense!

Armco barriers not only reduce the risk of damage and resulting costs but they also dramatically reduce the likelihood of a collision occurring in the first place. This is due to their high visibility around areas that need protecting.

Why not learn more about Armco barrier prices with our handy guide or you can calculate the cost using our calculator here.

The benefits of installing Armco vehicle crash barriers

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There are many reasons why installing an Armco crash barrier can benefit your business and people. Vehicle safety barriers can be used to:

  • Improve workplace safety – Warehouse safety barriers and factory safety barriers are essential in protecting your workforce. Forklift barriers can be used to protect trucks and reduce the risk of collisions with people, stock or the building itself.
  • Reduce visitor incidents – Installing vehicle crash barriers in a place where visitors are driving in and out regularly can drastically reduce incidents. This is due to the high visibility of the Armco barrier.
  • Reduce damage – The most important benefit of the barrier and its key purpose is to reduce all damages caused by vehicle crashes. They are designed to protect both people and property from the risk of damage and injury.

The different types of Armco Barriers

We offer a lot of versatility when it comes to choosing the type of Armco barrier you require. Our complete range of components includes single rails, double rails, curved rails as well as many different types of posts, corners, and ends.

Each component offers bespoke sizes, to suit the location they are to be fitted. This gives you full flexibility when it comes to having them installed. You can view our full list of Armco Products to decide what you’d be interested in having installed in your chosen location.

Where can you install safety barriers?

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You may see Armco barriers by the side of motorways and dual carriageways. We specialise in installing them for the following off-road places:

  • Buildings of all kinds both inside and out
  • Car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Pedestrian ways
  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Stadiums
  • Train stations
  • Protected properties

Order Armco vehicle crash barriers with CT Safety

If you’re interested in installing Armco Barriers for your site, please get in touch with our friendly team for a free quote and to arrange an installation.