Types Of Car Crash Barriers

Posted on August 11, 2022 by Chris Caunce

Car crash barriers are most commonly installed on motorways, around car parks and on industrial sites. Depending on the location where they are fitted, they are referred to as either on-road or off-road safety barriers.

CT Safety Barriers specialise in the manufacture and installation of car crash barriers in off-road locations, using our superior strength Armco Barriers.

These are built to absorb the impact of all manner of vehicular crashes in settings such as service yards, railway stations, car parks and distribution centres. Our innovative car crash barriers provide the ultimate protection for both people and property and they last for decades.

What Are Off-Road Barriers?

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Installing car crash barriers to off-road locations with vehicle traffic is essential to keeping pedestrians, visitors and workers safe. The barriers are placed in locations where crashes are most likely to occur.

They are positioned to protect areas that could cause further damage, such as a footpath where pedestrians walk, a shop entrance with high footfall and an area containing high value stock in a factory. The car crash barriers are designed to absorb the impact caused by the crash to minimise damage and reduce the risk of injury.

Our Armco Beams are built with safety and longevity in mind. The durable corrugated steel structure is designed to stand up to all weather conditions and ensure safety is maintained for many decades to come.

Off-road barriers offer essential protection for the following locations:

  • Car parks
  • Outside public buildings like schools, stadiums, or hospitals
  • In and around factories or warehouses
  • Offices with heavy traffic e.g. deliveries
  • Protected properties
  • Service yards
  • Transport buildings like airports or train stations

What Are On-Road Safety Crash Barriers?

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The other type of car crash barrier most commonly used is those that are fitted along the perimeter of high-speed roads. While we don’t install them ourselves, we understand how vital it is to have these in place.

Roads with heavy traffic or high speeds, should all have road safety barriers installed as a means to protect both drivers and pedestrians alike. Similarly, to off-road barriers, they are designed to absorb the impact, stop the vehicle quickly, and reduce the overall damage and impact of a crash.

Car Crash Barrier Safety Benefits

Installing car crash barriers for both on-road and off-road locations is imperative to guard against the risk of damage and injury to people and property.

Our trusted experts are here to help ensure your property, business or place of work is as safe as it possibly can be by supplying and fitting our innovative Armco Barriers..

The initial cost of car crash barriers is far less than the potential cost of repairs caused by crashes or even worse, a serious injury or fatality. Ensure your site is protected and contact CT Safety Barriers today for a free quote for your requirements.