Why You Need A Forklift Barrier

Posted on September 14, 2023 by Chris Caunce

Armco barriers in warehouse by a forklift

While essential to many industries, forklifts can pose significant risks if not handled properly. This is where forklift barriers come into play, ensuring that both forklift operators and other employees remain safe while at work.

Forklift barriers are physical structures designed to safeguard against accidents involving forklifts. These barriers serve as a vital safety provision by reducing the risk of accidents and protecting workers, equipment and infrastructure in the event of a collision.


Types of Forklift Barriers

There are several types of forklift barriers, each tailored to specific needs and environments:

  • Armco Barriers: These solid steel crash barriers help regulate forklift traffic flow and designate specific routes, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions in busy warehouses.
  • Pedestrian Barriers: Designed to protect pedestrian pathways, these safety barriers keep employees out of harm’s way by separating them from forklift traffic. Choose a bright yellow finish for increased visibility.
  • Safety Bollards: We have a wide array of bollards we manufacture and install. For protecting equipment, corners, and other vulnerable areas from a forklift’s impact, we recommend Static steel bollards.


5 Reasons You Need Forklift Barriers

  1. Ensure the safety of employees

The biggest priority of any workplace should be the safety and well-being of its employees. Forklift barriers contribute to this by creating a safe environment where workers can perform their tasks without fear of accidents or collisions.

  1. Protect expensive equipment

Forklifts are valuable assets, and repairing or replacing them can be costly. Forklift barriers act as a cost-effective insurance policy by preventing accidental damage to these expensive machines.

  1. Protect buildings and infrastructure

Warehouses and industrial facilities often have structural columns and racking systems that need protection. Forklift barriers ensure the longevity of these assets by preventing accidental damage that could compromise the integrity of your infrastructure.

  1. Comply with industry safety regulations

In many countries, regulatory bodies mandate safety measures for workplaces that use forklifts. Installing forklift barriers not only enhances personal safety but also ensures compliance with these regulations.

  1. Improve operational workflows and productivity

Forklift barriers not only safeguard your workforce and assets but also help improve workflows and increase operational efficiency. By creating designated traffic routes and safe zones within your facility, these safety barriers help reduce downtime due to accidents – which means your operations can run smoothly and efficiently.


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Choosing the Right Forklift Barrier

Selecting the appropriate forklift barrier is crucial to maximise safety and protection. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Location

Identify high-risk areas in your facility where forklift traffic is frequent, and install barriers accordingly. Focus on spots where collisions are more likely to occur. Still not sure on the best place to position your barriers? Contact our experienced team today who will be glad to assist.

  • Material

Forklift barriers are available in different finishes. Whether you choose galvanised steel or a colourful powder-coated finish can depend on factors such as location, impact frequency and budget constraints.

  • Installation

Professional installation will ensure that your forklift safety barriers are securely anchored and properly aligned. CT Safety Barriers can provide installation services for your forklift barriers.

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  • Maintenance

Armco crash barriers are made from galvanised steel and will require minimal maintenance, but it’s still important to check them regularly to ensure continuous protection.


Forklift barriers from CT Safety Barriers

Forklift barriers aren’t just optional additions to your workplace; they‘re essential for employee safety, asset protection, and regulatory compliance.

Investing in quality forklift barriers from CT Safety Barriers is a great way to reduce risks and ensure your workplace remains accident-free.

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