What Are The Different Armco Barrier Heights?

Posted on September 17, 2021 by Chris Caunce

We’re often asked about different Armco Barrier Dimensions from our customers. CT Safety Barriers has four main Armco barrier heights available, with the majority of our standard mounted posts and double height Armco barriers being fabricated in the following sizes:

  1. 560mm
  2. 610mm
  3. 760mm
  4. 1100mm

You may be wondering, what safety barrier height should an Armco beam should be set to? When installing Armco crash barriers for safety reasons, it is important to comply with health and safety rules, but these can vary. Here we dive into the different height barrier specifications available online and what specific Armco Barrier height is right for you depending on the business sector. 

Armco Barriers heights showcased in a car park

Workplace Safety & Preventing Accidents

The most common reason for installing Armco barriers is to provide added safety and security to warehouses, factories, public spaces or other business premises. Armco crash barriers offer maximum protection from potential damage when installed at the correct height – which is different depending on the situation. From forklift trucks to pedestrians, cars and HGVs, the height of the barrier can matter more than you think. 

Armco barriers are made of solid galvanised steel, meaning they’re strong enough to stop a moving vehicle in order to minimise damage. They are the most durable barriers we offer and an excellent choice due to their durability and high visibility coatings. 

Armco barriers are also an easy solution to separate your employees to create a one-way system, or perhaps cut people off from dangerous areas. 

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Armco Barrier Height Specifications 

560mm – the shortest of our Armco barriers are usually installed internally, in warehouses and train stations, to protect vehicles with low ground clearance and to keep people away from dangerous areas. 

610mm – 610mm is the industry-standard height beam. 610mm Armco barriers are commonly used in car parks and the perfect height to stop most traffic. 

760mm – 760mm Armco barriers can be used for larger vehicles, such as HGVs, lorries, tractors etc. These are a good choice for lorry yards, farms and any area where big machinery is involved. 

1100mm – As well as resisting large moving lorries and tractors, 11000mm Armco barriers can offer extra protections by being utilised as double height Armco barriers. 

Our Armco Barrier Calculator

Click here to use our Armco barrier dimension guide to help you plan the type of equipment you need. We manufacture all our Armco barriers in house, and can create bespoke designs if needed. 

Use Our Armco Barrier Calculator 

CT Safety stock different Armco Barrier sizes and barrier ends, to create Armco Barriers to your specifications. Call us today for more information on Armco Barrier prices and to discuss your business’s needs.


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