Industrial Workplace Safety Guide 2023

Posted on June 29, 2021 by Chris Caunce

Making your workplace safe is essential but not always easy. What is the right type of safety barrier to separate workers from vehicles? How do I protect my assets? How can I buy a safety barrier that meets regulations but stays within my budget? In our workplace safety guide, we go through the 101s of buying safety barriers, posts, bollards and railings for an industrial setting, in order to help you figure out what your business needs.

Basic Workplace Safety Standards

From what equipment your employees are using to the tasks they’re performing, workplace safety standards will vary depending on your business. The four main sectors when discussing workplace safety rules tend to be:

  • General Industry
  • Construction
  • Maritime
  • Agriculture

Reading through the ISO 9001 standards that apply to your business is a must, but most rules tend to fall under the ‘common sense’ bracket, so consider what basic needs your business requires to stay safe.


Buying Safety Barriers for Industrial Use

Warehouse protection means not only the people who work in your warehouse are kept safe, but the equipment and products you store there are also protected. Safety barriers are the simplest solution to keep pedestrians and heavy machinery separate – we recommend bright colours, such as yellow, to maintain safety regulations, and walkway barriers that leave no gaps to minimise dangerous situations.

Retractable bollards and modular fencing systems also provide a lot of added bonuses when it comes to making the workspace versatile. If one section needs replacing, the whole barrier does not need to be worked on.

Similarly, there may be areas of a workplace that are open to machinery in some parts of the day but not at others – that’s where retractable bollards will safe you time and energy.


Impact Protection Barriers

Shelving, racks, walls, beams and columns may also need protection, and choosing the right sort is important. Our racking and column protectors are impact tested so that they won’t break under pressure from collisions should the worst occur. Pallet racking protection also protects you from any accidents and even dangerous spillages. Impact protection is inexpensive and can save lives in a worst-case scenario.


Column & Wall Protectors

A simple yet sometimes crucial solution to workplace safety is barriers to minimise damage to structures and vehicles.

Careful calculations are required in order to determine the length required to protect the structural integrity of a building. Get in touch with us for bespoke wall protection systems and advice on which Armco barrier system will meet your needs.

workplace safety Barriers installed at the Crossrail Depot

When to Place Industry Safety Bollards and Barriers?

As we manufacture our ARMCO barriers and bollards ourselves, the possibilities really are endless. We can make everything bespoke for your business, and no job is too big or too small. Common industrial settings we work with include:

  • Airports.
  • Train Stations.
  • Distribution Centres.
  • Warehouses.
  • Factories.
  • Car Parks.

Bollards and barriers are the simple solution when it comes to protecting machinery, infrastructure and even people. Learn more about our bollards here to see the different materials and types of bollards we can create. We’ve even made industrial computer desks before!

How Can Our Armco Barriers Be Made?

There are a number of different options and features to take into account when ordering Armco barriers from CT Safety. Mainly:

  • The length.
  • The number of corners you require.
  • If you need protective terminal ends.
  • The size of the leg centers required.
  • Either single rail or double rail beams.
  • Whether you would like your floor anchors bolted down or dug in.

For a free quote and for more information on workplace safety, contact us today!

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