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Posted on July 30, 2019 by Chris Caunce

Biking to the Football

The Ultimate Guide to Cycling to the Football This Premier League Season.

Ever thought about cycling to the next football game you attend?

With the new premier league season almost upon us, we thought we’d take a look at the cycling facilities on offer at each club.

Cycling to the football offers a whole host of benefits – not only to your health! Besides, there is nothing worse than suffering a humiliating defeat, then being stuck in stationary traffic in your car!

Cut the crowds, save some beer money and feel free this premier league season by taking advantage of the many cycling facilities the English topflight teams offer.

With our easy to use guide, you’ll never experience a parking problem again and know exactly where to park your bicycle next time you attend the footy.

In some cases, you might find yourself parked closer than the VIP’s themselves!


Arsenal FC Badge

Location – London (Holloway)
Stadium – Emirates Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 60,260

Emirates Stadium Cycle Parking

You are in luck Gunners fans! Arsenal has a cycle parking facility. It is next to the All Arsenal Shop on Drayton Park. It can hold up to 150 bicycles, so make sure you get there a bit early just in case. Speak to the security guard at Highbury House reception who will be able to assist you with the parking of your bike.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Aston Villa

Aston Villa Badge

Location – Birmingham
Stadium – Villa Park
Stadium Capacity – 42,785

Villa Park Cycle Parking

The new boys to the premier league have 20 cycle stands and 80 suspended cycle rack spaces available free of charge at Villa Park, located in the Villa Village Car Park.

These are available on both matchdays and non-matchdays.

Price – Free
Map Link Here


Bournemouth Badge

Location – Bournemouth
Stadium – Vitality Stadium (Dean Court)
Stadium Capacity – 11,329

Vitality Stadium Cycle Parking

The Cherries have installed a number of bike racks that can be used for those opting to cycle to the Vitality Stadium on matchdays. These are located opposite the main reception area and are simple to use.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton Badge

Location – Brighton
Stadium – Falmer Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 30,666

AMEX Cycle Parking

There are miles of cycle lanes that lead directly to the Amex. The stadium is equipped with a decent number of secure cycle parking spots on the concourse that is protected by CCTV. Most of the city is within a half-hour cycle of the Amex. All of which makes it really easy and safe to cycle to and from games.

Price – Free

Map Link Here


Burnley Badge

Location – Burnley
Stadium – Turf Moor
Stadium Capacity – 21,944

Turf Moor Cycle Parking

Burnley does not have any information regarding cycle parking on their website. After looking at the stadium and its surrounding area, it appears as though they do not have any on-site cycle racks to lock your bike up to so you will have to look elsewhere.

The closest place we have found is the Tesco Extra around the corner.

Price – Free
Map Link Here


Chelsea Badge

Location – London (Fulham)
Stadium – Stamford Bridge
Stadium Capacity – 41,631

Stamford Bridge Cycle Parking

On your bikes Chelsea Fans! There is a cycle shed made available for cyclists at Stamford Bridge. It’s worth pointing out this can get crowded on a matchday so you are advised to arrive early.

You will also be asked by the police to walk with your bike the last section of Fulham Road when there are matchday crowds on the road.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Badge

Location – London (Selhurst)
Stadium – Selhurst Park
Stadium Capacity – 26,047

Selhurst Park Cycle Parking

Crystal Palace’s website does not mention any information about on-site cycle racks. Much like Burnley, it looks as though the club has no facilities for bicycle parking – Sorry Palace fans!

We did spot a Sainsburys nearby that appeared to have cycle racks that you could use, however!

Price – Unknown (Free for Sainsbury’s!)
Map Link Here


Everton badge

Location – Liverpool (Walton)
Stadium – Goodison Park
Stadium Capacity – 39,221

Goodison Park Cycle Parking

There are currently no onsite cycle facilities mentioned on the Everton website. However, reports from fans who do cycle to the game suggest there is a bicycle storage facility at the Park End side of the stadium.

Price – Unknown
Map link Here

Leicester City

Leicester Badge

Location – Leicester
Stadium – King Power Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 32,312

King Power Stadium Cycle Parking

Whilst the website itself doesn’t specifically mention any cycle parking facilities, using excellent detective work (Google Maps!) we have managed to find some. It looks like they do indeed have on-site bicycle racks that are even sheltered from the elements!

Price – Free.
Map Link Here


Liverpool badge

Location – Liverpool (Anfield)
Stadium – Anfield
Stadium Capacity – 54,074

Anfield Cycle Parking

The Cycle Hub is a FREE service that allows fans who cycle to the game to drop-off and park their bike safely and securely with an attendant. The Cycle Hub is situated in Stanley Park Car Park, a few minutes’ walk from the Anfield Road end of the Stadium.

Simply ride to the Cycle Hub, where staff will register and secure your bike. You will be given a receipt which must be presented on collection. Cycle Hub can provide locks, but you can use your own if you wish

Why not combine the train and cycling? Merseyrail allows cycles. Get the train to nearby Sandhills and Kirkdale Stations and take advantage of the Cycle Hub in Stanley Park Car Park.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Manchester City

City badge

Location – Manchester
Stadium – City of Manchester Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 55,017

City of Manchester Stadium Cycle Parking

According to the Citizen’s website, there are a number of bike racks around the stadium. The Club accepts no liability and all bikes are left at their own risk.

Despite the information on the club’s website being not very helpful, we’ve had a look and there are indeed a number of bike racks located in the area. We found 8 in a row located just outside the D entrance to the stadium.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Manchester United

Manchester United Badge

Location – Old Trafford
Stadium – Old Trafford
Stadium Capacity – 74,879

Old Traffic Cycle Parking

Red Devils, if you are travelling to Old Trafford by bicycle, there are free cycle racks located at the following car parks:

  • N2 (Sir Alex Ferguson Stand)
  • E2 (East Stand)
  • W2 (West Stand) Please note, you will need to use your own secure bike lock.

The club’s website does mention that bicycles must not be secured in any other areas across the stadium site at any time. Bicycles secured outside of authorised cycle racks will be promptly removed, which may result in damage for which the club will not be held liable.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Newcastle United

Newcastle Badge

Location – Newcastle upon Tyne
Stadium – St James’ Park
Stadium Capacity – 52,354

St James’ Park Cycle Parking

The Toon doesn’t mention any on-site cycle parking facilities on their website, unfortunately.

We have been able to find some dotted around the stadium, but never more than 3 or 4 in a row. If you arrive on match day and find all the stadium racks full, we’d suggest looking at Leazes park to see if there are more bike racks available.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Norwich City

Norwhich Badge

Location – Norwich
Stadium – Carrow Road
Stadium Capacity – 27,244

Carrow Road Cycle Parking

The official Norwich website does not mention any on-site cycling facilities and we cannot see any after looking around the stadium itself.

However, we did spot a Morrisons located very near to the stadium. The supermarket is likely to have free cycle parking facilities so you can keep your bike secure whilst cheering on the Canaries.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Sheffield United

Sheffield United Badge

Location – Sheffield
Stadium – Bramall Lane
Stadium Capacity – 32,702

Bramall Lane Cycle Parking

The Blades have no information on their website regarding on-site bicycle facilities for cyclists to park up their bikes on match-day.

We haven’t been able to find any bike racks around the vicinity of the stadium apart from a double rack in front on the local post office!

Price – Free
Map link Here


Southampton Badge

Location – Southampton
Stadium – St Mary’s Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 32,384

St Mary’s Stadium Cycle Parking

Cycling is a quick and reliable way to get around Southampton on matchdays. Most of the city is less than a 20-minute ride from St. Mary’s stadium. For some, arriving by motorcycle is also a good option.

The football club also has FREE parking facilities at the stadium for those who motorcycle or cycle. This can be found alongside the Kingsland Stand that is situated at the rear of the stadium.

Southampton Football Club accepts no liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of parking on this site. Riders are advised to exercise all due precautions whilst leaving cycles unattended and to remove all valuables. Please secure your bike using a good quality cycle lock.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Badge

Location – London (Tottenham)
Stadium – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 62,062

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Cycle Parking

Cycling is growing across London and Spurs is hoping to increase the number of fans and staff who cycle to events. Ultimately, spurs want at least 1% of all supporters to cycle to and from matches.

The infrastructure is being provided to support this, with Cycle Superhighway 1 already running to the stadium from the south and a mini-Holland route in Enfield under construction that will create a link to the stadium from the north.

Cycle stands are located at four locations which can be used on a matchday only. Please see the cycle map for the locations. There is also existing on-street hoops in the local area that can be used on event days.

Although there are no lockers provided in the stadium for spectators for security reasons, cycling helmets will be allowed into the stadium (but not those with a full mask attached).

Tottenham and their jazzy new stadium have several places to park your bicycle during matchday. Simply download the Tottenham Cycle Route PDF for a full list of them and their individual locations

Price – Free
Map Link Here


Watford Badge

Location – Watford
Stadium – Vicarage Road
Stadium Capacity – 20,400

Vicarage Road Cycle Parking

The Hornets do not mention any existence of on-site cycling facilities on their website for fans on matchday. Sorry, but I think its going to be a long, long time before they get them installed too (See what we did there?!).

There is a Tesco express around the corner from the stadium but it looks as though it has just a single bike rack.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

West Ham United

West Ham Badge

Location – London (Stratford)
Stadium – London Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 60,000
London Stadium Cycle Parking

Cyclists can make use of the recently extended London Cycle Superhighway from central London (Aldgate) to Stratford City.

The Olympic Park is bicycle friendly with several bicycle parking locations in close proximity to the stadium. The closest bicycle rack to the visitor’s turnstiles is on Bridge 4, alongside the Community Track.

Please note that West Ham United and London Stadium cannot accept responsibility for any damage, theft or loss to any bicycles or belongings.
The Santander bicycles around the stadium are not in operation on matchdays.

Price – Free
Map Link Here

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves Badge

Location – Wolverhampton
Stadium – Molineux Stadium
Stadium Capacity – 32,050

Molineux Stadium Cycle Parking

The Wolverhampton Wanderers website does not mention any details on their on-site cycle parking facilities.

However, don’t worry Wolves fans we’ve got you covered! We’ve spotted sheltered bike racks across the road in the Asda Superstore car park!

Price – Free
Map Link Here

7 tips for securing your bike on match day

After you’ve managed to find somewhere secure to leave your bike during the match, it’s vital that you ensure you lock your bike up properly and reduce the risk of bicycle theft.

Did you know that bicycle theft is on the rise with nearly 400,000 bikes stolen annually in the UK alone!

We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to protect your bike and ensure that you can ride your two-wheeler home after your team puts on a stellar performance.

1. Buy a safe, reliable lock

Your bike lock is the first and only line of defence when it comes to protecting your bicycle from theft. Therefore, it’s vital you source a good quality lock that is going to deter would-be thieves.

We’d recommend staying away from cable locks as they can simply be cut by thieves.

U-locks are great. Try and buy the smallest one possible so thieves have less room to work and leverage the bike free.

2. Register your bike

Registering a bike is quick, easy and inexpensive. It increases the chance of recovering your bike in the event of theft.

Simply browse the web and find the authority that takes care of this process in your town/city and register your bike online.

3. Use a GPS tracker

If your bike is your pride and joy, we’d recommend installing a GPS tracker.

A GPS tracker will transmit a GPS signal to your smartphone so you can always keep one eye on the bike and another eye on your number 9 finishing top bins.

There are a lot of retailers out there who sell ingenious tracking systems. These can be disguised in the form of standard bike components such as bike lights and seat posts. 

4. Buy insurance for your bike

If your bicycle costs a fair amount, we’d recommend buying bicycle insurance.

Overall, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that your covered if your bike was to be stolen or damaged in any way.

A lot of insurance providers also cover traffic accidents in their cover – but do make sure to check before purchasing.

5. Always lock your frame (but not just the frame!)

Always lock your bike frame to an immovable object. If you were to just lock the wheel up, then the thief will simply remove the wheel and walk off with the bike.

It’s best to lock your frame and wheel up together if possible.

6. Keep your lock off the ground

If you lock your bike up and leave your lock at ground level, then a would-be thief can use a hammer to smash the lock against the hard floor and break the bike free.

By ensuring you lock is off the ground and difficult for the thief to use tools on, you are reducing the risk of theft and improving your bicycle’s safety.

7. Use two locks

The most secure way to lock your bike is 100% with two locks. The first lock, we’ll call it the centre back, should go around the frame and the back wheel. The second lock, we’ll call this one the centre forward, should go around the front wheel and the frame.

With this line-up, you are securing the bike in two places and making it a daunting task for would-be thieves to score themselves a steal.

Check out this video for a full break-down on how to secure your bike:

Looking for more information on cycle parking facilities or our other services? Visit our service pages.