Pedestrian End

Pedestrian Terminal End

About The Pedestrian Terminal End

Our pedestrian terminal end is the perfect solution for your Armco barrier to protect property or equipment around doorways, entrances and other highly pedestrianised areas. Manufactured in the UK, our galvanised terminal end caps are made of the highest quality steel so they withstand harsh weather and are incredibly durable against collisions.

We not only manufacture our end caps, we also supply and install them to businesses across the country. Additionally, we manufacture, supply and install Fishtail terminal end caps if you’re looking for protection against vehicles.

Call us today for a free quote from our team of experts who can also help you with all your barrier needs and arrange an installation should you need one. Alternatively, our Armco calculator is on hand for you to submit your needs to our team and we can generate a quote based on your requirements.

Part number(s): AR029

A terminal fixed to corrugated beam, used to protect pedestrians in walkways and similar applications

Material Calculator:

  • Add 8 x AR052 Lap Bolt Per Pedestrian End


  • Weight 7.5kg