90 Degree External Corner

90 Degree External Corner

About The 90 Degree External Corner

Our 90-degree external corner for Armco barriers is the best solution when you’re wanting to connect two barriers around a protruding object or to bridge the gap against one. This is essential to protect the corners of buildings or equipment, and to reduce the risk of accidents and injury around the building.

Made from the highest standard galvanised stell, this robust attachment will not only provide you with strength and stability, it is also designed to prevent corrosion from rust in harsh weather conditions. We’re proud to be one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and installation specialists for Armco barrier needs in the UK. We can also help you protect against inward facing corners using our 90-degree internal corner.

Call us today to discuss your Armco barrier corner needs and our team of specialist engineers will be able to generate a free quote and provide you with recommendations such as quantity or installation needs. Alternatively, our Armco calculator is available for you to submit your needs and have a response generated for you from the team in no time at all.

Part number(s): AR048 & AR049

Material Calculator:
• Add 2 Posts per Corner
• Add 8 Lap Bolts for each Corner


  • Weight 15.0kg